How I got rid of my mouse problem

I recently had a big problem with mice in our house. I called an exterminator, but I couldn’t afford their prices, so I did some of my own research and decided to try and tackle the mice myself. So I thought I would share some of the things I discovered.

Mice can cause a lot of disturbance in a home that will affect the quality of living simply because wherever they go they will always spread germs and diseases and this is actually through the faeces and urine. They also reproduce at a faster rate and that is why you should always make a working plan on how to get rid of them.


In that case, for you to effectively get rid of them, all you have to do is to identify the entry points of the mice, this is actually the openings in your home, you will have to close them permanently or place something like a wire mesh so as to ensure that they don’t get back to your home again, after you have controlled the entry it is now time to fight the existing mice in the house and this involves a number of steps for you to wipe them out completely and they are as follows; Find out the best way to get rid of mice

i. Natural methods

In this case you have to consider using a cat simply because they love to eat mice and they will never settle when there are mice in the house, mice on the other hand will always run away from the cat thus reducing the population.

ii. Mice traps

Mice traps are more effective simply because you will be able to find the dead mice as compared to poisoning whereby it may decompose in the house leading to a bad smell.

how to do your own pest control


iii. Baits

These are normally poisoned and they are used in areas that are out of reach by children and pets. They come in different forms such as pellets and blocks.

iv. Sticky/glue traps

These are little card board pieces that have sticky substance lined at the bottom that also attracts the mice, the sticky substance will be able to trap their feet and it will be hard for them to run away, there are different sizes that are available, bigger pieces will be able to trap more than one mice.

In conclusion, you should also consider general overhaul cleaning, this will help you to identify and destroy their habitats, and you have to remove cloth materials lying around, boxes and any other material that can make a possible hide out, more so, considering professional service will help you a great deal.

Simple hacks to save money

Saving money isn’t always easy in today’s busy world. However, if you’re one of the many people who wants to cut back, there are some simple ways to save money without feeling deprived. Use these methods to get the most from your finances while still enjoying your life.
Eat Out Less

If you’re anything like the typical adult, you probably eat out at least three or four times a week, and maybe even more often. Even if you choose inexpensive spots, you’re spending a lot of money on foods you can just as easily make at home. Try making your lunches at home and bringing them into work. You can still eat out occasionally, but make this a special occasion instead of everyday. You’ll be surprised how much you can save! If you have gotten yourself into debt you can find out more about how long is it until a credit card debt is written off

Keep Your House Cold

Heating and cooling are huge expenses, especially if you live in an area that has long winters. Keep your thermostat set to mid to low 60 degrees in the winter to save significantly on your heating costs. In the summer, try to follow the same principle by keeping your house on the warmer side. If you have a programmable thermostat, make the most of it by keeping your house slightly warmer when you’re home and colder at night or during the day when you’re gone.
Use Cash

Sure, you can’t use cash for every purchase, but people spend to make fewer impulse buys when they have cash instead of credit cards on hand. Use your credit card for major purchases but budget out and have cash on hand for smaller expenses like groceries or shopping. Also be sure to think about what you really want to purchase. Giving yourself a few minutes before heading to the register can help to weed out any unnecessary purchases.
Prioritize Spending

There are some things you have to pay for each month. Electric, gas, rent, and other payments should be made first when you get your paycheck. Be sure that you have a budget and prioritize expenses that really need to be covered. Having a budget helps you save money by knowing exactly where each dollar goes. It also tends to change the way that you think about money and spending in general.
These steps are some of the simple ways to save money in the short and long run. If you’re struggling to stick to your financial goals, use these basic tips to get yourself on track.

What to do when your home gets flooded

It is always good to stay armed with ideas that can help you out when a disaster strikes. Flooding is a common tragedy that may hit your home, and you never know when to expect it. But how do you deal with a flooded home?

1) Get The Electricity Switched Off

You need first to take the precaution of turning off the power to avoid any chances of electrocution. In most homes, the main circuit box is usually located in the basement. If it is not located near an area that is not flooded area, then you may have to call your electric company to have the electricity disconnected from the outside.

2) Put On Protective Gear

Flooded water is usually contaminated and often carries all sorts of bacteria and microbes that can cause severe health conditions. You, therefore, need to wear protective clothing such as watertight boots as well as gloves before you step into a flooded home.

3) Take Photos Or A Videotape

It is recommendable that before you touch anything in your flooded home, you ensure that you take some photos or preferably a video. These captures the real damage that was done to your property and ensures that your insurance coverage covers every bit of the damaged property.

4) Contact Your Insurance Company

It is imperative that you inform your insurance agent that your house is flooded as soon as you can. Where the agent is unreachable, you may have to give a thought contacting the head office. There are different flood insurance policies that cover different damages, and hence your agent determine the extent of the coverage depending on the cause of the flood. Some insurance companies require that you wait for an adjuster to inspect your property before you make any repairs.

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5) Consider Hiring A Professional Flood Restoration Company

Due to frustration and confusion, some homeowners get inclined to start evacuating their belongings out of the house. The only place to put them is in the yard, under direct sunlight that cause wet items such as wooden furniture to warp as they dry up. The professionals handle your property with care, for example, using wood clamps to move furniture items out of your flooded home.


Learning guitar

On of my favourite hobbies is playing guitar, which I have been doing for a number of years now. I am self taught, but eventually came to the conclusion that I couldn’t take myself much further with proper lessons. However, due to work commitments, it’s difficult to make time to attend lessons every week, so I decided to look into online lessons. There are a number of programs out there, but one that caught my eye is Guitar Tricks . It’s a great program that has helped me a great deal, with video lessons from some really great players who are very good at teaching you the basics and more advanced techniques.