How I got rid of my mouse problem

I recently had a big problem with mice in our house. I called an exterminator, but I couldn’t afford their prices, so I did some of my own research and decided to try and tackle the mice myself. So I thought I would share some of the things I discovered.

Mice can cause a lot of disturbance in a home that will affect the quality of living simply because wherever they go they will always spread germs and diseases and this is actually through the faeces and urine. They also reproduce at a faster rate and that is why you should always make a working plan on how to get rid of them.


In that case, for you to effectively get rid of them, all you have to do is to identify the entry points of the mice, this is actually the openings in your home, you will have to close them permanently or place something like a wire mesh so as to ensure that they don’t get back to your home again, after you have controlled the entry it is now time to fight the existing mice in the house and this involves a number of steps for you to wipe them out completely and they are as follows; Find out the best way to get rid of mice

i. Natural methods

In this case you have to consider using a cat simply because they love to eat mice and they will never settle when there are mice in the house, mice on the other hand will always run away from the cat thus reducing the population.

ii. Mice traps

Mice traps are more effective simply because you will be able to find the dead mice as compared to poisoning whereby it may decompose in the house leading to a bad smell.

how to do your own pest control


iii. Baits

These are normally poisoned and they are used in areas that are out of reach by children and pets. They come in different forms such as pellets and blocks.

iv. Sticky/glue traps

These are little card board pieces that have sticky substance lined at the bottom that also attracts the mice, the sticky substance will be able to trap their feet and it will be hard for them to run away, there are different sizes that are available, bigger pieces will be able to trap more than one mice.

In conclusion, you should also consider general overhaul cleaning, this will help you to identify and destroy their habitats, and you have to remove cloth materials lying around, boxes and any other material that can make a possible hide out, more so, considering professional service will help you a great deal.

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