What to do when your home gets flooded

It is always good to stay armed with ideas that can help you out when a disaster strikes. Flooding is a common tragedy that may hit your home, and you never know when to expect it. But how do you deal with a flooded home?

1) Get The Electricity Switched Off

You need first to take the precaution of turning off the power to avoid any chances of electrocution. In most homes, the main circuit box is usually located in the basement. If it is not located near an area that is not flooded area, then you may have to call your electric company to have the electricity disconnected from the outside.

2) Put On Protective Gear

Flooded water is usually contaminated and often carries all sorts of bacteria and microbes that can cause severe health conditions. You, therefore, need to wear protective clothing such as watertight boots as well as gloves before you step into a flooded home.

3) Take Photos Or A Videotape

It is recommendable that before you touch anything in your flooded home, you ensure that you take some photos or preferably a video. These captures the real damage that was done to your property and ensures that your insurance coverage covers every bit of the damaged property.

4) Contact Your Insurance Company

It is imperative that you inform your insurance agent that your house is flooded as soon as you can. Where the agent is unreachable, you may have to give a thought contacting the head office. There are different flood insurance policies that cover different damages, and hence your agent determine the extent of the coverage depending on the cause of the flood. Some insurance companies require that you wait for an adjuster to inspect your property before you make any repairs.

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5) Consider Hiring A Professional Flood Restoration Company

Due to frustration and confusion, some homeowners get inclined to start evacuating their belongings out of the house. The only place to put them is in the yard, under direct sunlight that cause wet items such as wooden furniture to warp as they dry up. The professionals handle your property with care, for example, using wood clamps to move furniture items out of your flooded home.